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Act with integrity and re-emerge stronger. Brad Allen is an accredited coach and author, specializing in supporting and challenging people across the globe from some of the biggest and well-known multinational companies. Join him here if you dare.
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Coaching, without the fluffy BS!

You probably have a lot in common with those I coach. They aren’t strangers to expletives when facing day to day challenges. And, they are keen to not let life pass them by or wash over them.

They believe in freedom and democracy in a world that increasingly wants to judge them by characteristics rather than their character and behaviours.

They subscribe to the idea of bringing forward their individual strengths, rather than succumbing to the will of the herd.

Those drawn to my coaching, have a good bond with means and their careers are progressing well, however, they sense that there is more to do.

They recognise their support structures are not sufficient, and they take action to fix it.

As those I work with can testify, I approach coaching with a no B.S. and straight-forward style.

I engage with your perspective; challenge your thinking through non-judgemental observations and well-formed questions; and I help you stay accountable to your decisions.

Coaching helps you bring focus to that which can be done better.

I deliver coaching through a subscription model. I have found this approach is the most effective and efficient method to help you think and act better, as well as keep you accountable.

My virtual 1-to-1 coaching uses a monthly subscription and includes the following elements:
(1) Unlimited 45-minute video calls.
(2) Unlimited accountability support

Session schedules are flexible and aligned to your needs.

See for subscription options and next steps.

Interested? Want to learn more about the community?
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